Cut To Length Line 1540mm x 3mm Cut To Length Lines CLL HYBRID 3101


Cut To Length Line HYBRID Used [#3101]
   Cut To Length Lines CLL  Cut To Length Line     HYBRID Used [#3101]

Used Cut To Length Line
1540mm x 3mm

Year when built: totally re-manufactured in 2007

    This used flying shear cut to length line, in great condition (that we have completely revamped and upgraded) can process stainless steel up to 2.0mm thick and: aluminium, other non-ferrous metals, …"delicate" materials generally.
    It comes with:
    - 12 t Coil car
    - 12 t Decoiler (mandrel width: 1.540mm; coil I.D.: 508 mm. / Front support. Dynamic braking by hydraulic motor and proportional pressure valve)
    - Peeler table & entry pinch rolls
    - 6-HI Leveller: 17 roll, quick roll change type. Roll diameter: 55mm
    - PVC applicator with feed pinch rolls
    - Flying shear, 60 cuts/min
    - Belt conveyor
    - Exit pinch rolls
    - Sheet Stacker (4000mm), "no-scratch" type, with frontal and lateral air-operated kickers
    - Chain conveyor (4000mm)

    Process material
    - Tensile strength: N/mm² 400
    - Yield strength: N/mm² 300
    - Coil width: minimum 400mm, maximum 1540mm
    - Material thickness: minimum .6mm, maximum 3.0mm (2.0mm S.S.) * see note below
    - Coil OD max.: 1700mm

    Sheet stacker
    - Sheet length: minimum 300mm, maximum 4000mm
    - Bundle height: maximum 400mm
    - Bundle weight: maximum 2500 kg

    Line performances
    - Jog speed: 10m / min
    - Line operating speed: 0 ÷ 27m / min
    - length tolerance (at constant speed): ± .5mm over a 2000mm cut length
    The thickness range can be extended to .3mm by a second roll set (to be built -- not included in price)

    Perimetric optical barrier + mechanical fencing are included

    1 set of spare - work & intermediate rolls is included

    The line can be demonstrated under power
    We offer Start/Stop, Roll Feeder, Flying Shear, Rotary Shear Cut To Length Lines both new and used / re-manufactured for: Aluminium, Coated, Cold Rolled, Copper, Galvanized, Hot Rolled, Prepaint, Silicon, Stainless, Tinplate,Titanium .

    Your enquiries welcome for also individual Line Parts like: Decoilers, Feeders, Levellers, Sheet Stackers, Straighteners ...
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