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Panel Bender FINN-POWER Used [#2109]
   Panel Benders PBE  Panel Bender FINN-POWER Used [#2109]

Used Panel Bender

Year when built: 2005
    maximum bend height: 200mm
    maximum diagonal of incoming sheet: 3000mm
    maximum material thickness: 3.2mm
    loading: manual
    unloading: manual
    tool change: automatic
    accessories: auxiliary bending blades
    discharge of last negative-bend

    FINN-POWER's BCe series bending centres offer the well-known Express Bender benefits – precision, flexibility and high surface quality in a semiautomatic construction. Only loading is performed manually an easy task due to user-friendly design.

    BCe series provides productive capacity for single piece and small batches as well as serial manufacturing. It enlarges bending capability to the applications that were not possible before, allowing production of components which are full perforated, have large or high forms, or need large openings.

    Some BCe benefits:

    Higher productivity – Loading operation is simultaneous with unloading – shorter cycle time.

    Full safety for the operator – The parts to be processed are transferred automatically from an external table

    Reliable, accurate operation – Automatic clamp feeder moves the part to be bent from the table to the manipulator.

    Higher operator efficiency – Automatic pusher conveyor (LBN) unloads bent parts to the unloading table with automatic buffer function
    Fully automatic set-up between different components (with ATC)

    Compact Lay-out

    Higher productivity and faster programming compared with manual folding machines and robotized press brake.
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