Panel Bender BCe 4 (ELECTRIC) Panel Benders PBE FINN-POWER 2164


Panel Bender FINN-POWER Used [#2164]
   Panel Benders PBE  Panel Bender FINN-POWER Used [#2164]

Used Panel Bender

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ATC auto. tool changer, "TCS Version"
CLL reverse bending sequence with ATC
AUT additional upper tool
ASP additional short blades, programmable - 2 axes
IEU integrated engraving unit
UBC upper bridge clamp

AUT & ASP tooling included

G e n e r a l


- Maximum length of bending line: 2150mm
- Min. bending length (between-side bending): 350mm
- Min. width (between-side bending): 160mm
- Length of bent detail (min./max.): 350/2450mm
- Width of bent detail (min./max.): 180/1500mm
- Part max. diagonal: 3000mm
- Max. bend height: 200mm
- Max. returning (negative) bend: 200mm
- Max. material thickness, St 37: 2.5mm
- Max. material thickness, S.S.: 1.8mm
- Max. material thickness, Al: 3.5mm
- Min. material thickness: .5mm
- Max. bending angle: 135°/+135°
- Unlimited number of bends
- NC: Siemens Sinumeric 840D

ATC – Automatic Tool Change
ATC enables the automatic change of upper tool, that
allows automatic operation during a long period of time.
This function also enables the machine automatic
re-orientation during bend-cycle.

CLL for ATC ^ – reverse bending sequence
In the standard bend-cycle, the shorter sides get bent
first; and then the longer sides. CLL reverses this
sequence and start bending from longer sides.
It operates through creation of two gaps in upper tool.
The slits may be symmetrical or asymmetrical, depending
on needs and part complexity.

ASP 2 – 2 additional, short bending blades (2 individually-programmed axes)
ASP enables easy-assembly of special tools that are required for particular production process.
The “short bending blades” may come useful for bending parts that require partial bending, not necessarily on a same line. With this option, one can perform both negative bending (downwards) and positive bending (upwards).
ASP can be activated automatically or deactivated during the bend-cycle.

CNC IEU – integrated engraving unit
A tool built like a forming roll, it is used for executing a groove in the sheet in order to facilitate subsequent bending operations along the line.
It comes very useful when bending closed profiles.

AUT – Additional Upper Tool
AUT changes the upper tool shape by lowering an additional special tool, below the standard segments.
It is a must having it when a line of negative-bending is to be executed, that is covered by previously-bent profile.
It also is helpful for making components with long radii, and for 'closed' profiles.

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