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Machinery builders and traders with decades of experience, we are a trusted name in supplying quality new and pre-owned Coil Processing, Metal Stamping, Tube & Rollform and Sheet Metal Fabrication Equipment.

High quality Cut To Length Lines, Coil To Coil Slitting Lines and Surface Finishing Lines, Tube Mill Equipment, Special-Purpose Machinery are manufactured at our European factories.

As regards used machinery in particular we deal: Bronx, FAGOR, FIMI, Guida, Mariani, MAS Seuthe, Novastilmec, OME, Prima/Finn-Power, SACMA, SALICO, Salvagnini, SOMENOR, STAM, Ungerer, Wean, Zappa... (in North America also: ALCOS, Braner, Chicago Slitter, Herr-Voss, PRO-ECO, Red Bud etc.)

Our project, sales and service engineers come of Companies like Bronx Engineering, Falck Acciai, Finn-Power, Salvagnini and Wiedemann. We have the specialists for automation, coil and strip processing, punching & bending, laser cutting, roll forming and stamping.

Alex Floreani -born 1951- has, in particular been an associate of Hahn & Kolb Italy* (*Wiedemann Punch Press Division) and then of outstanding coil and metalforming equipment builders and distributors in Italy and the U.S.

Industries Served: auto parts manufacturers, coil service centers, custom roll forming companies, job shops, major appliance industries, tube & pipe makers, manufacturing industries of: cladding, doors, HVAC systems, lifts, lighting fixtures, metal furniture, racking/shelving...

We build to order, re-manufacture, upgrade equipment.
Provide worldwide service.

Very experienced service engineers support the equipment. Their experience is such, that most brands of used equipment we deal can be serviced. The service provided probably is one of the best in the business. is the email address for our Customer Support central office, open Monday through Friday 16 hours per day (7:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m., GMT+1).

CUSTOMERS determine the success of any operation! And we strongly believe that good Customers are our real wealth.
The qualification and motivation of our team very much contribute to their satisfaction.

We pledge quality and technology, reliability, service, punctuality... not giveaway prices.

Even when it is used, one only gets fine equipment from us (we know who our best Competitors are!)
No "tricks of the trade", no artifices: just clean deals and the best value for money with Floreani & Partners.

Please contact us for:
  • Accumulators
  • Automation Equipment
  • Coil Blanking Lines
  • Coil Cars
  • Coil Coating Lines
  • Coil Edging Lines
  • Coil Embossing Lines
  • Coil End Joiners
  • Coil Handling Equipment
  • Coil Preparation Lines
  • Coil To Coil Polishing Lines
  • Combi CTL/Slitting Lines
  • Custom Manufacturing Systems
  • Cut To Length Lines
  • Decoilers
  • Feeders
  • Flanging Machines
  • Flying Shears
  • Gutter Machines
  • Laser Cutting Machines
  • Levellers
  • Panel Benders
  • Press Machines and Lines
  • Punching Machines
  • Punch/Shear/Bending Systems
  • Recoilers
  • Robotic Handling Systems
  • Robotic Press Brake Cells
  • Roll Formers
  • Roll Forming Lines
  • Roll Tooling
  • Rotary Shears
  • Sandwich Panel Equipment
  • Scrap Balers, Choppers, Winders ...
  • Sheet Handling Systems
  • Sheet Stackers
  • Shelving/Racking Lines
  • Slit Coil Packaging Systems
  • Slitters
  • Slitting Lines
  • Stamping Trimmers
  • Straighteners
  • Strip Feeding Lines
  • Strip Punching Lines
  • Strip Tension Stands
  • Tube Calibration Presses
  • Tangent Benders
  • Tension Levelling Line Parts
  • Tinplate Sheeting Lines
  • Tube Bundlers
  • Tube Cutoff Machines
  • Tube & Pipe End Formers
  • Tube & Pipe Mills
  • Turnstiles
  • Upenders/Downenders
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