Used Punch/Shear/Bending Systems

Used Punch/Shear/Bending Systems (FMSs)

Used Bending Punching Shearing Systems Flexible Manufacturing System (FMSs) are, by now widely used in the fabrication of sheet metal products.
They allow an efficiency approximating that of serial production also in small-batch fabrication.
(A well-engineered FMS is like a dedicated manufacturing line for a product type now, and in a few seconds or minutes will be for another!)

Punching/shearing, laser/plasma-cutting, forming, bending, auto. parts-handling are typical workstages in Sheet Metal FMSs.

We sell, assemble/re-manufacture/modify/upgrade... and service Finn-Power and Salvagnini FMSs; can adapt/re-configure/integrate complete cells, single machines of a System, automatic storage and retrieval systems as required to satisfy a Client's specific needs.
Salvagnini S4+P4s are the Sheet Metal FMSs we most frequently deal.

Used Punch/Shear/Bending Systems, Recently Sold


… punches, shears and bends metal parts from standard blanks with no intermediate handling of the partly-machined workpieces.
Can be configured in many ways, also highly automated with loading/unloading to/from storage & retrieval systems.
It eliminates the costs generated by the intermediate handling of materials and semi-finished products and is consequently able to optimize production lead-times and improve workshop logistics. It is helped in this by the flexibility and programming software, which makes unmanned "lights-out" production a reality.

The FINN-POWER range

… includes: the Night Train FMS; the high-precision servo electric E5 work center; automated benders,…

__ For metal fabricating in Europe, the focus centers on automation: the industry having to cope with expensive labor and lots of regulations.
To survive in the face of competition from low-wage Countries, going for advanced machinery and automation is a must for the European Companies.

Although coil and strip processing machinery and equipment are our "core business", we often supply second-hand fully automated fabrication systems as well.

We also Custom-design and build special purpose coil fed systems that include punching, bending, forming, clinching or welding, automatic parts-handling etc. stations.
The buyers of these systems are manufacturers of ceilings, light fixtures, office equipment, steel doors... etc.
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