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Stamping” includes a variety of forming processes: blanking, punching, deep drawing …
It can be a single-stage operation, where every stroke produces the wanted form, or occur through a series of stages.

Deep drawing, in particular is the process in which sheet metal is formed into a 3-D shape, by action of a die forming metal around a punch. It can produce precise parts, both symmetrical and asymmetrical. When the depth of a stamped part is equal to, or greater than half its diameter, it is termed as "deep drawn." Cold rolled steel, stainless steel, copper, brass, aluminum and others are included in the deep drawing process.
We have built hydraulic deep drawing presses to any specification; dealt used hydraulic presses by Emanuel, Gigant, Mueller - Mueller Weingarten, SMG…
Trim/bead machines (^) and plate circle shears/flangers (^) mostly “complement” deep drawing presses, although they also are widely used in metal spinning and (the trim/bead machines) in the manufacturing processes of cylindrical sheet metal parts like ducted fans, HVAC equipment components in general, water heater jackets etc.

Automotive stamping presses and press lines -by Benelli, Manzoni, Mossini, Rovetta, Voronezh, WMW-Erfurt…- have, as regards the “used”, been our specialty for many years. New custom-tailored automation equipment still is, and we can completely renew/modify/automate “as needed” any press or complete line supplying new tooling, pick-and-place units, robotic systems, transfer feeds a.s.o.

Special purpose presses, both mechanical and hydraulic ( -ex.: #4128 ^ ) have been designed and built by us to, mostly European Customers.
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