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Used Panel Benders

Panel Bender A Panel Bender works almost 'with no tool changes'.
The only set-up work required generally consists of composing the blankholder, which usually has to be adapted (either manually, or automatically) to the length of the longest side to bend.

Salvagnini (Salvagnini Company Profile ) are " #1 " for Panel Benders. Over 3000 Salvagnini Panel Benders have been sold worldwide! The famous P4 was born in 1979 and, got continuously updated since.

Finn-Power (Prima/Finn-Power) rank second for this machine type. Also build highly flexible and productive Panel Benders in a wide range of Models.

We sell and re-manufacture/upgrade/service all Finn-Power and Salvagnini Models (TECHNICAL SERVICES & SUPPLIES TO FINN-POWER AND SALVAGNINI EQUIPMENT OWNERS & DEALERS ).

Our PLANT 4 is near to the Italian production facilities of both Companies, located in the Vicenza Province of NE-Italy.

Sample Applications of Panel Bending:
  • Electrical cabinets, control boxes and enclosures
  • Precision panels for computer chassis, heat exchangers and vending machines
  • Tool drawers for utility trucks
  • Lockers
  • RV door panels
  • Doors, drawers & shelves
  • Metal furniture
  • Light fixtures
  • Refrigeration equipment
  • Floor & ceiling systems
  • Boxes & enclosures
Panel Bender "pluses", & options:
  • Out-produce up to many press brakes
  • Make bends not possible on a press brake
  • Safety: operator never touches the part while bending
  • Accuracy: gauges from features, not edges
  • Operator loaded or full automation
  • Stand alone or in-line automation with punch or laser
Some currently available OCCASIONS:
[#2168] SALVAGNINI P4-2525
[#2108] SALVAGNINI P4-3020
[#2101] SALVAGNINI P4-2520
[#2142] SALVAGNINI P4-2520
[#2102] SALVAGNINI P4-2220

Used Panel Benders, Now For Sale

Used Panel Benders (& Robotic Press Brakes), Recently Sold


… an efficient bending cell - combining universal tooling, responsive software and agile material handling into a single operation. Its advantages: fast cycle times, an unlimited number of bends than can be programmed into a single cycle, excellent repeatability enabling tight tolerances, quick setup for new parts ...

The FINN-POWER sheet metal fabrication equipment range :

… includes both panel benders and robotic press brake cells

With panel benders, the process can be full-automated.
Positive and negative bends are quickly and accurately produced without a requirement for blank flipping.
The part stays flat as only the flange is bent.
A bottom blade moves up to bend positively; a top blade moves down to bend negatively. The upper hold-down tool segments and bottom hold-down tool clamp the blank in place, and this is formed with just one pressure point from the blade on a side: a lot less-complicated than press brake’s three points of pressure.
Material variation and springback are less significant on panel benders, as less stress is put on workpiece.

On some jobs a panel bender forms in seconds what would take a press brake minutes to do.
Sure, panel benders are more expensive than press brakes… but their productivity is much greater in some applications.


For metal fabricating in Europe, the focus centers on automation: the industry having to cope with expensive labor and lots of regulations.
To survive in the face of competition from low-wage Countries, going for advanced machinery and automation is a must for the European Companies.

Although coil and strip processing machinery and equipment are our "core business", we often supply second-hand fully automated fabrication systems as well.

We also Custom-design and build special purpose coil fed systems that include punching, bending, forming, clinching or welding, automatic parts-handling etc. stations.
The buyers of these systems are manufacturers of ceilings, light fixtures, office equipment, steel doors... etc.

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