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Roll forming: ideal for making parts with long lengths

Roll forming lines can be set up, with multiple configurations to also punch, clinch, emboss etc. parts in a stop/start or continuous operation.

For cutting to length, they can use a pre-cut die (where a single blank runs through the roll former) or a post-cut die (where the profile is cut off after the roll forming process).

The production rate of a line much depends on the material thickness and bend radius; is also affected by the number of forming and sizing stations required.
A Limiting factors may be the punching or cutoff, or other in-line applications as well.

Effects of the roll forming process on the material's properties

These are minimal.
The physical and chemical properties virtually have no change.
(Case by case the process may, however cause work-hardening, microcracks, or thinning at bends ...)


The cost of roll forming is relatively low.
Things to be considered when calculating the cost of process, obviously are: - setup time, - equipment/tooling costs, - load/unload time, - direct labor rate, - amortization of equipment/tooling ...

We offer a complete roll forming equipment range from “basic” to “highly-automated”/flexible.

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