Used levellers - levellers for sale

COIL PROCESSING EQUIPMENT: New & Used Levellers & Straighteners

Leveller Our precision levellers make high quality, flat rolled products in: aluminium, carbon steel, copper, high tensile strength materials, prepaint, stainless steel, tinplate, titanium...
They are highly regarded by mills, coil service centers and OEM's for their high performance and reliability.

We have, in particular built levellers for high-performance alloys, non-ferrous metals, stainless steel and tinplate lately.

Although in most cases we supply complete lines, your enquiries are also welcome for just levellers. As regards used ones, at all times some machines are available "ex-stock" from us. Occasionally some used heavy straightener is also available.

(We can re-manufacture any used levellers to perfection. For more information on this, please go to: > SERVICES.)

New 4-HI & 6-HI precision roller levellers and tension levellers; quality used levellers...
Supplying coil processing equipment for over 58 years
OCCASIONS on this page:
#3138 2000mm x 12mm [79" x .47"]
#3181 2000mm x 6mm [79" x .24"]

Samples: New Custom Built Levellers (2011-2024)

The following are levellers we have designed and built: just some samples of what we can engineer for your application.

Used Levellers & Straighteners, Now For Sale
OCCASIONS: a few used machines that we are currently proposing.
(For information on the manufacturers please see Section:USED EQUIPMENT BRANDS).

Used Levellers, Recently Sold

These machines have been sold - some after complete re-manufacturing - in the last years.

From thick steel plate and high tensile strength materials to coated stock, non-ferrous metals and tinplate our experience in levelling is most complete.

For new levellers all options are available from us, like:
- quick changeover roll cassette design
- quick calibration, back-up removal
- etc.

We offer good used levellers by COSMEC, FIMI, HAEMMERLE, MARIANI, SACMA, UNGERER, WMW etc.

Straighteners & Levellers

Ordinary Straighteners (or Flatteners) incorporate large-diameter rolls (five to eleven) and can just remove the coil set and crossbow. They cannot correct side-to-side length variations.

The Precision Straighteners' rolls are of smaller diameters; back-up rolls keep the top & bottom work rolls "parallel". But, the back-up rolls being fixed these Straighteners also can only remove the coil set and crossbow.

Levellers incorporate a series of closely-spaced, relatively small work rolls with adjustable back-up rolls along these. The adjustment of back-up rolls allows deflecting portions of the work rolls, e.g. to eliminate/minimize material defects like crossbow, edge-waves etc.

For optimum flatness in general, Levellers are required.

On our roller levellers:

The up/downstroking and tilting of the machine frame upper section have a same A.C. motor drive

The work rolls are induction-hardened and ground, with centralized lubrication by oil; same lubrication type for the gearboxes and universal joints

All independently-controlled lower back-up rolls, each roll with an A.C. geared motor; the positions of the rolls, shown on machine control screen. The upper back-up rolls are fixed to the machine frame upper section, whose up/down motion is also powered by A.C. motor; the position adjustments are shown on the control screen, too. A greasing system is provided for the back-up rolls

Roller Leveller Roller Leveller Roller Leveller
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