European Location for Coil Sheet Metal Equipment Work & Warehouses

We mainly deal, recondition and repair these brand names of equipment (click on Name).

FIMI, GUIDA IMPIANTI, SACMA and SALICO are worldwide-reputed Italian coil processing equipment builders. Top ranking coil service centers, strip and tube makers, appliance industries etc. use equipment that they have built. You will find several FIMIs and SACMAs in the Cut To Length Lines page and Slitting Lines page.

MARIANI (no longer in business), SIEMI (no longer in business) and ZAPPA are classic Italian brand names. We often sold and revamped lines from these manufacturers.

MAS SEUTHE, SOMENOR and UNGERER also are equipment builders of undisputed repute.

(In North America we also have used equipment by: ALCOS, BRANER, CHICAGO SLITTER, HERR-VOSS, NOVA, PRO-ECO, RED BUD …).

As regards FINN-POWER, SALVAGNINI and TRUMPF there is no need for presentation …

Few coil processing equipment dealers can offer technical support and advice to our level.

Even major Companies have bought “used” from us and often apply to us for equipment revamping, upgrading and/or automation.

Please also see the TECHNICAL SERVICES & JOB SHOP ACTIVITY Section of this Site for some more information.

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