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.4-6.0mm Cut To Length Lines FLOREANI & PARTNERS New [#3394]
   Cut To Length Lines CLL  .4-6.0mm Cut To Length Lines FLOREANI & PARTNERS New [#3394]

New .4-6.0mm Cut To Length Lines

  • Flying Shear, Rotary Shear & Roll Feeder Types
Our F-Class Rotary Shear Cut To Length Lines can reach an 80m / min maximum speed; whilst generally, ca. 60m / min is the limit for Flying Shear Type and Roll Feeder Type Lines.
.4-6.0mm is the "typical" range of thickness they cover.

DC & AC versions available, with latest control technology.

The lines often include: entry turnstiles, saddles etc.*; interchangeable mandrel drum decoilers; fully-automatic coil threading equipment; paper and/or plastic film applicators; flatteners; quick roll change "cassette" type levellers, and shears; edge trimmers; surface inspection areas; 2-/3-box high efficiency sheet stackers* (air-float, magnetic, vacuum...); automatic sheet packaging & weighing systems* ...
(* > Custom Decoilers etc.: #3200; Other Line Components / general: #3200.2; Shears, Sheet & Plate Stackers, Packaging Systems for line exit equipment info. )

'Mark-free' processing of surface critical materials, reduced shear induced stress, close length tolerance, very good sheet/stack squareness are major "pluses" with our equipment.

We are manufacturers of high quality aluminium, brass, copper, hard alloy, stainless, tinplate, titanium cut to length lines. For each type of material we can provide the best-possible technical solutions.
Major European industries and some eminent U.S. Companies, too use equipment that we have supplied.
Our lines feature state of the art technology and great reliability. After-sales service is provided worldwide: is the email address for our Customer Support central office, open Monday through Friday 16 hours per day (7:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m., GMT+1).

Various F-Class Lines (Rotary Shear Cut To Length Lines, Flying Shear Cut To Length Lines, Roll Feeder Cut To Length Lines) are shown in the Presentations on this page: #000A, #3223, #3176, #3146, #3145, #3209, #3124, #3348... / These cut to length lines are currently in service; live demos possible, obviously subject to permissions to visit from our Customers.

Our Roll Feed Lines combine good speed with good length accuracy. They incorporate a roller leveller or precision straghtener, accumulation loop/s, a high cut-frequency shear and a single- or 2-/3-box sheet stacker. Are 'typically' wanted in the automotive, the appliance industry...

Flying Shear Lines are a high production "non-contact" solution, Rotary Shear Lines the highest-output Cut To Length line type (> ECCENTRIC ROTARY SHEARS #3259, vith a video).

Qualified manufacturers of Cut To Length Lines, Automatic Coil Loading Systems, Flying & Rotary Shears, Sheet/Plate Handling & Packaging Systems...

The cut to length lines shown (^) are representative of our capabilities; they were Custom-designed for high productivity and, in most cases for also: easy set-up, fast changeovers, accurate part quality etc.
Major coil service centers and a variety of industries (appliance, auto parts and tube makers; mills; Custom roll forming Companies...) are buyers of our equipment.

We offer Start/Stop, Roll Feeder, Flying Shear, Rotary Shear Cut To Length Lines both new and used / re-manufactured for: Aluminium, Coated, Cold Rolled, Copper, Galvanized, Hot Rolled, Prepaint, Silicon, Stainless, Tinplate,Titanium .

Your enquiries welcome for also individual Line Parts like: Decoilers, Feeders, Levellers, Sheet Stackers, Straighteners ...
Custom-built equipment needs a special kind of product support... our proposals are detailed with drawings and photos to provide clients with a full understanding of the type and quality of the equipment we offer. We send customers approval drawings with dimensions, performance specs and features before the machine is built.

We are experienced at making our products safe, reliable and in conformance with the safety and design standards. Products are designed for maximum serviceability and reliability.
Parts Books are shipped with each piece of equipment. They contain detailed information about installation, inspection and maintenance procedures, component parts.

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