A new cut-to-length line with rotary shear at the Centro Finitura Acciai Inossidabili (CFAI S.p.A)


Rotary Shear S.S. Cut To Length Line FLOREANI & P. New [#3348]
   Cut To Length Lines CLL  Rotary Shear S.S. Cut To Length Line FLOREANI & P. New [#3348]

New Rotary Shear S.S. Cut To Length Line
1500 mm x 3mm

    Rotary Shear Stainless Steel Cut To Length Line

    From: "LAMIERA" Magazine

    At the Centro Finitura Acciai Inossidabili (CFAI S.p.A) in S. Martino in Strada, in Lodi, Italy a new cut-to-length line with rotary shear

    CFAI is a service centre specialised in stainless steel and noble materials in general. The company, only recently founded but backed by ten years of industry experience thanks to its founders, works on a "tolling agreement" basis. This means that clients supply the coils which CFAI then transforms into ribbon wound coils or levelled sheets with dimensions from 250 x 250 mm to 1,500 x 6,000 mm, with "super-finished" surfaces. Thanks to its experience and production capacity, CFAI is able to offer the market a precise and accurate cutting service, as well as a levelling service with remarkable planarity, and quality surface finishes ranging from the simple polishing of rolls and sheets to special “frosted”, "Scotch Brite", "mirror" finishes and more, depending on client specifications.

    “ The exceptional results, but above all the sense of collaboration that developed between CFAI and the equipment supplier, led to the birth of a close partnership in this field. We offered our experience to him, which he applied to his production. This is particularly true in the case of our most recent cut-to-length and packaging line, which was specifically designed to meet our production needs, and which features truly innovative, patented and exclusive technology. It is also thanks to this line that today CFAI is able to supply high-quality products quickly, at the right price ”, said one of the CFAI managers.

    One of the key links in the CFAI production chain is in fact the brand new levelling and cut-to-length line, recently installed and now fully operational. Given its unique features and rich innovation, we were keen to take a closer look.

    The new cut to length line
    This new line - today one of CFAI's most important machines - is the result of a genuine co-design between the supplier and CFAI. It is designed to process Series 300 or 400 stainless steel coils or other noble materials with resistance up to 700 N/mm2, with a maximum width of 1,500 mm and weight up to 20 t, with sheet thickness from 0.4 to 3.0 mm, running at a maximum speed of 60 m/minute. A levelling machine that guarantees perfect planarity and detensioning of materials. A special workstation is dedicated to covering the strip with a protective film (sheets of special paper or plastic film). A rotary shear cutter continuously cuts the material with the possibility to correct "oblique" angles. The line includes a quality control box, which expels any defective sheets and two stacker boxes that prepare the "pile" of sheets on the pallet. The two stacker boxes can also operate as a single workstation, making it possible to stack sheets with maximum dimensions 1,500 x 6,000 mm.

    The system is filled with not-so-hidden "gems": in addition to the oblique angle correction system, it also includes a cleaning system for the levelling rollers (patented). This ensures the perfect and continuous cleanliness of the rollers themselves, a critical factor ensuring perfect sheet metal finishes and superior quality.


    The system is essentially composed of the following:

    - loading coil car
    - decoiler
    - paper collection unit (for the orderly winding of the protective paper exiting the coil)
    - feeding and levelling unit with a roller module for haul-off, tilting feed table, six-fold levelling machine with all rollers motorised. The levelling machine is equipped with supporting intermediate and counter-rollers, which are installed underneath. The up and down movements of the pressure counter-rollers are independent: each roller is separately powered, while the stroke of the pressure units can be viewed by way of centesimal electronic indicators installed on the control desk
    - cutting unit with pinch-roll system for application of paper or PVC
    - electronically controlled rotary shear cutter, with maximum cutting capacity 3.0 x 1,500 mm on steel with resistance 700 N/mm2, double-edged blades, with rapid and automatic regulation of blade clearance
    - "transport" and quality control unit with unloading belt and transport to stacker
    - stacking station with two separate boxes that can be used either together or separately. The workstation can stack ribbon coils with dimensions from 250 x 250 up until sheets with dimensions 1,500 x 6,000 mm.

    The line also includes a weighing system for finished packs, providing all the essential job data required by the client, including the final identification label with bar code.

    One of the most important innovations in this system is without a doubt the rotary shear cutter, which in addition to being a sophisticated and highly accurate construction, also features an exclusive "oblique angle" correction system, which adjusts the entire shear cutter in the right direction and to just the right extent to correct the defect.
    Thanks to this function, the line allows the reduction and elimination, within certain limits, of "sabered" strips on customised sheets, representing an important step forward towards improved quality, but also towards overall consistency.

    Another important innovation is represented by the levelling roller cleaning device. The consequences of dirt, dust or foreign bodies on rollers are well-known to all, particularly in the case of polished laminates intended for particular applications. In traditional systems, cleaning was performed more or less manually, entrusted to the diligence of operators in charge of the line, and therefore devoid of any real guarantees. In the new Faspar line on the other hand, cleaning is entrusted to a safe system incorporated into the levelling machine itself, which following a request by the operator from the control desk, distributes programmed quantities of a special detergent onto the levelling rollers, which are subsequently cleaned of any impurities and therefore able to treat the metal in the best way possible.
    A third aspect worth mentioning in this line is the presence of a "quality selection box", preceding the two stacking boxes we've already seen. Space has been left in the line to allow the material to be visually inspected by a specialised and expert operator. If a defect is found, the operator sends a signal, which is automatically managed by the line PC, and which after taking into account all the parameters, directs the defective sheet into the dedicated box by way of the output conveyor belt.

    Thanks to its careful and accurate construction, and by way of these innovations, the new line has become the strong point of CFAI production.
    This case, a commendable example of cooperation between system manufacturers and users, with a beneficial and reciprocal exchange of knowledge and experience, demonstrates the high technical level that can be achieved by Italian producers of machinery, and by companies that operate in the processing sector for strips made from noble materials, intended for high-quality uses.



    Figure 1 - Close-up of the entry area with the decoiler.

    Figure 2 - An image of the Centro Finitura Acciaio Inox (CFAI) warehouse: the coils supplied by the client on a tolling agreement basis are treated with the highest quality finishes, processed in cut-to-length lines and automatically packaged on pallets.

    Figure 3 - A glimpse of the new cut-to-length line. It accepts coils with a maximum width of 1540 mm, thicknesses from 0.4 to 3 mm in stainless steel or other noble materials (aluminium or any other metal). The figure shows the entrance to the line.

    Figure 4 - The levelling machine in the new line: the machine features an exclusive roller cleaning system.

    Figure 5 - Close-up of the rotary shear cutter: this unit includes “oblique angle” error correction.

    Figure 6 - Control panel in the new line.

    The line supplier targets a "high-end" market, in particular service centres, automotive industries, household appliances and the construction sector: important Groups including ThyssenKrupp, Sassoli, Sandvik, Metecno, Ugine & Alz (ArcelorMittal group), Acesita and many other important service centres worldwide.
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