A compact, heavy duty press feeding lines that we have designed and built to European auto makers


Press Feeding Line FLOREANI & PARTNERS New [#3353]
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New Press Feeding Line
- HEAVY DUTY, 1020mm x 10mm

    This is one of the "compact", heavy duty press feeding lines that we have designed and built to European auto makers.

    It comes with differentiated roll center-distances, the upper section of the straightener-feeder getting lifted by a 350mm servocylinder, and various other very advanced technical solutions that are illustrated hereinafter.

    It is composed of:

    Powered decoiler, 20 t capacity with:
    mobile base and auto. edge guide
    hydraulic, powered snubber roll
    Front conic rolls, for coil side containment ("programmable width")
    hydraulic coil car

    Servo straightener-feeder with:
    powered, programmable adjustment of the work rolls
    lower coil threading table
    upper coil threading table, peeler

    Hydraulic crop shear

    Electric cabinet with Siemens S7 300 PLC and Simatic Operator Panel

    Hydraulic power pack, 15 Kw motor

    Safety back fencing and lightguards, to CE

    The equipment features are as follows:

    Max. load capacity kg 20000
    Max. strip width mm 1020
    Max. coil O.D. mm 1800
    Coil I.D. mm 470-530
    Planetary gearbox with ratio 1:22, transmission by triple chain with ratio 1:3
    AC drive motor, 13 Kw - variable speed, 0-30 rpm with Inverter
    Loop control by 2 rolls and proximity switch (or dynamic braking on other lines like this)
    Hydraulic coil centering actuated by hydraulic cylinder, that moves 3+3 wedges
    - Hydraulic and powered snubber with polyurethane-coated roll, of 120mm diameter:
    arm rotation by hydraulic cylinder; minimum coil O.D. 700mm / max 2000mm
    roll rotation by hydraulic motor, 315 cc. Roll coated with "Adiprene" rubber
    - Two conic rolls:
    the position of rolls set by the PLC, acc. to strip width
    (forward/reverse motion by geared motor, and 90°-rotation by hydraulic cylinders)
    - Mobile decoiler frame:
    on 4 wheels & railways
    motion by hydraulic cylinder with 500mm stroke
    the position of decoiler detected by a potentiometer, and controlled by the PLC
    / with two limit switches

    Hydraulic coil car
    with minimum floor pit
    up/down car stroke: 500 mm, with two cylinders of 100mm diameter

    Servo straightener-feeder
    with two pinch rolls of 300mm diameter
    the pinch rolls pressed-down by 2 hydraulic cylinders
    2+2 straightening rolls of 200mm diameter, in "progressive" location
    3+3 straightening rolls of 150mm diameter, in "progressive" location
    first deformation unit with the lower roll at a 380mm distance
    second straightening unit with lower roll at a 150mm distance
    thirds and fourth straightening unit with lower roll at a 100mm distance
    the straightening rolls adjusted on 4 point, each point independently
    - all supported by two rows of roll bearings
    all lower rolls synchronized, with gears in oil bath
    4+4 gearboxes^
    A.C. servomotor, 75 kW
    digital servodrive system by Control Techniques, Mod.: Unidrive - 75 kW
    precision gearbox, ratio 1:20

    Servo straightener-feeder max. speed: 60m / minute
    - synchronised to the press by an absolute encoder:
    99 work-programs with 9 different programmable-lengths for each program
    adjustable feed pitch from .1mm to 9999.99mm
    measuring wheel pressed-down by a pneumatic cylinder, 40mm diameter
    feeding accuracy .2mm
    mobile control panel for manual operation
    operator panel: Simatic TP 170 Touch-Screen
    openable machine frame to allow cleaning rolls and an easier coil threading

    powered roll-setting, programmable (A.C. motor, 0.5 kW)
    for the straightening rolls, 4+4 gearboxes and 4 linear potentiometers
    – the system it is "dynamic": as the the coil gets fed to the press, the pressure on straightening rolls can be varied to adjust flatness
    (as a new coil is introduced, the rolls-adjustment will return to "nominal" value)

    Lower coil threading table, to support the strip
    - during automatic cycle, the table will remain in 'low' position
    it is moved up/down by about 100° by an hydraulic cylinder
    Upper coil threading table with peeler, for material to work being thickner than 3mm
    - at the table end, a hydraulic peeler can move-out by 200mm. During automatic cycle, the table will remain 'high' to its upper limit

    Hydraulic crop shear
    flat lower knife, with manually adjustable gap
    upper knife V-shaped, 3°
    the upper section slides on two columns with 120 mm diameter
    1 hydraulic cylinder with 250mm diameter, 60mm stroke
    2 hydraulic cylinders with 63mm diameter, 60 mm stroke / as blankholder
    2 accumulators, 10 liters each accumulator, gas pre-loaded at 100 bar

    Control system
    PLC: Siemens S7 300 CPU 313C-3DP
    1 Card, 32 digital inputs - 24 V D.C.
    1 Card, 32 outputs - 24 V D.C.
    Positioning system for the feeder: Control Techniques Unidrive Sp
    Ethernet card for tele-service / Profibus
    Touch Screen Operator Panel: Siemens Simatic TP170B
    DP-DP coupler to be connected to main press control
    electric cabinet dimensions: 2000mm x 2000mm

    Hydraulic power pack
    tank: 180 litres
    A.C. Motor: 11 Kw
    heat exchanger with electric fan
    electrovalve for auto. accumulator-discharge
    all other electrovalves required for the operation

    Custom-built equipment needs a special kind of product support... our proposals are detailed with drawings and photos to provide clients with a full understanding of the type and quality of the equipment we offer. We send customers approval drawings with dimensions, performance specs and features before the machine is built.

    We are experienced at making our products safe, reliable and in conformance with the safety and design standards. Products are designed for maximum serviceability and reliability.
    Parts Books are shipped with each piece of equipment. They contain detailed information about installation, inspection and maintenance procedures, component parts.

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