Slitting and banding line for sale. 1650mm x .4-6mm. Direction left to right.


Slitting + Banding Line HYBRID Used [#3446]
   Slitting lines SLL  Slitting + Banding Line HYBRID Used [#3446]

Used Slitting + Banding Line
1650mm x 6mm

  • with large quantity of circular knives, spacers and ejector rings

Used MAS/RT/NLT… (HYBRID) Coil to Coil Slitting + Banding Line for sale. 1650mm x .4-6mm, 25 t, Coil ID 508/610/750mm. Line speed 120m / minute. Built:1990; revamped and extended in 2002, 2009 and 2011. -- The line has a large quantity of round blades (approx. 100 pcs.), spacers and ejector rings (approx. 250 pcs.) being included in the purchase price. Line direction: left to right.

A used 1650mm x .4-6mm, 25 t, Coil to Coil Slitting + Banding Line for sale. Speed: 120m / minute. Manufacturers: MAS, RT, NLT… Line built in 1990; revamped and extended in 2002, 2009 and 2011. Very good condition. Coil ID 508/610/750mm. Direction left to right. -- A large quantity of round blades (approx. 100 pcs.), spacers and ejector rings (approx. 250 pcs.) is included in the purchase price.

Line history

1990 The line, made by Messrs. MAS Seuthe - a subsidiary of the VAI - is installed in a profiled sections producer's workshop.

2002 The line gets basically modified and extended.

The German company RT Engineering supplies:
- second slitting stand
- construction for changing the slitting shears with auxiliary drive
- edge scrap cutter
- turnstile
- recoiler mandrel
- packing line

2009 The line is modernized again and extended by the German company NLT, thus resulting in automatic positioning of the separating disks.

2011 Supply of a completely new electric control by the German company TECDOT.

Production process / Operation

The line is designed for simple operation with reduced physical efforts whilst maintaining the same high quality standard of slitting.
The line has a tray where 3 coils may rest and put on by crane while operation.
The decoiler is fed with each following coil by means of the coil carriage and lifted there.
As the coiler heads are graduated it is possible to tension coils with different inner diameters without changing the coiler head.
By means of a fitted cone (not included in scope of supply) even deformed coils could, if necessary, get processed.
When the coil was hydraulically tensioned it will get turned by the coiler drive so that the strip beginning shows to the line.
As soon as the hold-down device is set, the coil safety device can get unlocked and the coil opener positioned below the strip beginning.
As a result of coil opener and hold-down device working together the strip beginning is bent that way that it can now get easily threaded into the line.
When the strip beginning reaches the pinch rolls they will get closed and take over the further distribution.
Now the strip passes through the crop shear where the strip beginning will be cut, if necessary, in as much as the strip quality will be satisfactory enough.
The next step is centering the strip by vertical rolls for feeding it in the correct position into the shear stand (slitting).
The slitting shears are designed as interchangeable stands and moved by indoor crane from "site" to the line and back.
For the change of the stand the drive will be undocked and the eccentrics of the cutting shafts will be extended.
As soon as the stand will be at "site" the front part including bearing will be removed from the shafts and swivelled aside. Now the tool sets can get changed.
The slipped-on tool sets are locked by nuts.
By means of an auxiliary drive it is possible to preset the shear stand ready for production at "site".
Trimmings maybe coming up from slitting will be carried off downwards and cut into easily handable pieces by scrap cutter.
These will be conveyed into buckets the customer has to provide.
As soon as the strip beginning has been brought into the slitting stand, the strip control at the coil opener can get connected for positioning the coil now towards passline by adjusting the decoiler.
The material running out of the slitting line as strip will now be brought to the decoiler by a clamping device for positioning it in the clamping protection.
For that looping pit entry and runout as well as the strip brake were folded down before.
After tensioning the stripes in the clamping slot and moving the open clamping device into its working position, the looping pit entry and runout as well as the strip brake get folded up to their working position.
It must be ensured at the runout side that the separating disks rest safely in the programmable positions.
The hard change of separating shafts is omitted because of the programming and the automatic positioning of the separating disks.
After feeding the line that way with strip material, the cutting process starts and the looping pit can take up its function as compensator for rolling tolerances.
The crop shear before the slitting shear makes even the separation of a transversal coil or cutting out strip defects possible.
When the strip is run completely, the slit strips will be tied in their extent on the recoiler, before the separating arm will lift and the slit strip coils be brought through the stripper base to the turnstile by a coil carriage.
It is now possible to take up the slit strip coils by C-hook or to bring them into the horizontal
position by downender and to a banding table afterwards, where 2 - 4 bindings "through the
eye" are fixed for load securing and to avoid telescoping.
If there will be a change of cutting program the interchangeable stand might get changed
and the next coil might get fed while banding and putting out the slit strip.

Condition of the line

Although the line was designed and constructed for operating hot-rolled material it presents itself in an extraordinary good condition - despite high dirt concentration while production - not least thanks to the
regular modernizations.
Hence the preliminiary arrangements before a reassembly can get reduced to a minimum.
In our opinion the hydraulic cylinders should get opened as preventive step and checked for their condition, especially the seals, and possibly the pinch rolls should get ground.
To our knowledge further works are not necessary.

Short description of the mechanics

On conception a robust design was taken into account, i.e. that all components are generously dimensioned and therefore suitable for a permanent operation - even multi-shift.
All components are designed and arranged accessible.
All bearings and seals are standard parts and therefore internationally available.
For wear parts there are drawings available, so that they could get produced in the country where the line will be operated.

Short description of the electrics

On conception of the electric control SIEMENS components were included where possible.
So the control is based on interactive S7 modules being connected via data bus system whereby the control cabinets can be kept compact and the particular software less complex.
Nowadays the electric control would not be fundamentally different, as it were state-of-the-art technology.

Short description of the hydraulics

The hydraulic valves are arranged nearby the consumers as valve blocks with regard to assembly and maintenance.
As a result there will be a short reaction time because of smaller oil quantities and a reduced pipework.
All valves are according DIN/ISO standards, in case of replacement even alternative brands could get used.


The line has a large quantity of round blades (approx. 100 pcs.), spacers and ejector rings (approx. 250 pcs.), being included in the purchase price.

Reassembly / Documentation

Mainly, the following documentation is available:

- layout
- foundation plan with sections
- circuit diagrams with software
- hydraulic plan
- detail drawing
- packing list.

Along with these documents a reassembly and putting-into-operation will be possible without problems, particularly as all machine parts are marked.
If there is a need for help when putting the electric control into operation, Messrs. TECDOT can get engaged at extra cost.
Maybe an employee of the former operator being familiar with the handling of the line could get engaged for a certain training period.


It is a robust and durable line, whose control shows the state-of-art and being easy to operate.
The condition of the line and availabiluty of the documentation ensures a reassembly and putting-into-operation without any problems.

Technical Data

coil width: 1.650mm
material thickness: .4mm - 6mm
no. of slits / strip thickness:
20 / 1,5mm
7 / 6mm

reference material (tensile strength): 420 N/mm²

coil weight: max. 25 t

coil O.D. max.: 1.800 mm

speed: max. 120 m/min

working direction: left → right

The line consists of:

- coil carriage
design: underfloor

- decoiler double expansion mandrel with hold-down device
mandrel-Ø: 508/610/750 mm
transversal movement: hydraulic
hold-down device: hydraulic
snubber roll: driven
drive: 23 kW

- strip edge control

- coil opener/pinch roll unit/leveller
telescopic table: hydraulic
bending roll: hydraulic
no. of pinch rolls: 2
pinch roll-Ø 250 mm
no. of levelling rolls on top/at the bottom: 2/2
pinch roll-/levelling roll adjustment: hydraulic
pinch roll-/levelling roll drive: 3-phase-current motor
driving power: 23 kW

- crop shear and strip centering

- slitting stand (interchangeable stand): 2
shaft-Ø: 220 mm
blade-Ø: 400 mm
screw-down of shaft:electro-mechanic
adjustment of loose side
main drive: D.C. motor
driving power: 88 kW

- looping pit equipment with carry-over device
- scrap cutter: rotors
- brake stand:
design: felt brake

- separation: adjustable by motor

- recoiler with stripper plate and separating arm
mandrel-Ø: 508 mm
expansion/clamping: hydraulic
stripper plate: hydraulic
separating arm: hydraulic
separation: adjustable by motor
main drive
driving power: 105 kW

- coil carriage: underfloor

- turnstile: 4 arms

- downender

- banding roller table with tapered rolls for coil turning

- buffer roller table

- electrics: 2009

- hydraulics

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