Robotic Slitting Line 24/7 Duty with automatic tooling set-up


Robotic Slitting Lines | F-Class FLOREANI & P. New [#3393]
   Slitting lines SLL  Robotic Slitting Lines | F-Class FLOREANI & P. New [#3393]

New Robotic Slitting Lines | F-Class
"24/7 Duty" with automatic tooling set-up

  • State Of The Art Slitting Line Technology

High performance new coil to coil slitting lines with slitter tooling transfer unit and robotic handling, sharpness check-up, cleaning etc. of tooling. They can work 24 hours/day, 7 days a week, maximizing profitability. Available for coils up to 2000mm wide x 6mm thick material, max. 40 t coil weight. Speed up to 400m / min. *** We build slitting lines for aluminium, carbon steel, prepainted material, stainless, titanium...

In a "mature" market for traditional slitting lines, with so many suppliers... in Europe the understanding of the functionality and benefits of slitting line robots has definitely improved over the last decade.

Being the "manual" slitter tooling set-up so much labour intensive and with a number of slitting lines operating on 2 or 3-shifts/day... often, the cost savings is considerable enough to motivate the investment. (In the EU, authorities also emphasize the elimination of health-risks in the set-up process.)

A description for our most typical solution, with a complete slitter tooling ASRS integrated to the slitting line, is in Presentation #3304 (below on this page). The system version with an intermediate station, as shown in Image 2 beside is the most demanded (and recommendable). Line #3162 (below on this page) is a sample of this turn-key solution; it is installed in Northern Italy. We are currently selling lines like this in Northern and Central Europe and Italy. Slitter tooling transfer units like those shown in #3150, #3153, #3277, #3125, #3159 etc. are the most common quick-change solution for our F-Class slitting lines. Obviously the slitting line normally is also complete with automatic coil handling equipment, edge guide, quick tool clamping, mobile strip tension unit, high performance scrap balers or choppers ... and everything else needed for maximum efficiency, reduced downtimes during all cycle operations and making very good quality products.

Modularity and layout flexibility, limited floor space, quick-&-easy installation, short cycle-time, errorproof optical identification of each piece of tooling, choice of very helpful options (robotic washing machine, knife condition auto.-check station, etc.: > #3304) are the advantages of our complete robotic system. However less complex/expensive solutions can also be proposed, using 'ordinary' anthropomorphic robots from the market.

For Automatic Slit Coil Packaging Systems by us, please see #3305 (below).


Obviously coil processors can improve efficiency in also the areas of coil storage & handling, scrap handling, tensioning...

Good entry storage systems considerably help reducing line downtime.
Custom turnstiles, saddles, turntables etc. can be added to our "regular" line entry equipment, as needed.
Interchangeable mandrel drum decoilers, multiple & rotating coil cars, coil tilters, special-design line entry components in general also provided.
> #3200 for some samples.

For efficient scrap handling we build very good winders, balers, choppers, conveyors etc.

Strip tension pads, mobile and "combi" strip tension units, bridles... specially designed to suit every Client's needs, are built by us "case by case".

We are aluminium, brass, copper, hard alloy, stainless, tinplate, titanium experts. For each type of material we can provide the best-possible technical solutions.
Major European industries and some eminent U.S. Companies, too use equipment that we have supplied.

Slitter Tooling ASRS

Anthropomorphic Slitter Tooling Set-Up Robots #3400

We offer quality Slitting Lines both new and used / re-manufactured for Aluminium, Coated, Cold Rolled, Copper, Galvanized, Hot Rolled, Prepaint, Silicon, Stainless, Tinplate,

Your enquiries welcome for also individual Line Parts like: Decoilers, Recoilers, Slitters, Strip Tension Stands, Turnstiles, Upenders ...
Custom-built equipment needs a special kind of product support... our proposals are detailed with drawings and photos to provide clients with a full understanding of the type and quality of the equipment we offer. We send customers approval drawings with dimensions, performance specs and features before the machine is built.

We are experienced at making our products safe, reliable and in conformance with the safety and design standards. Products are designed for maximum serviceability and reliability.
Parts Books are shipped with each piece of equipment. They contain detailed information about installation, inspection and maintenance procedures, component parts.

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